ICCA and Kazakhstan Republic Transport Union KAZLOGISTICS signed the Memorandum of cooperation

Innovation Center of Civil Aviation (ICCA) participated in «Cargo Aviation Day 2014» at 29/01/2014 in Astana. It was arranged and supported by IATA, KAZLOGISTICS, National company «азастан Темір Жолы», Ministry of transport and communication of Kazakhstan Republic.

Within «Cargo Aviation Day 2014» Dr. Rano Dzhuraeva, President of ICCA made a report according e-freight implementation in Russia and its progress at the present time. She brought into focus of auditory the fact that e-freight implementation in Russia is a governmental project realizing in a close cooperation between different governmental agencies in accordance with the plan. «In 2014 we’ll have finished implementation for both stages “import” and “export” including test flights. Also we plan to finalize all development researches and preparation for “special cargo” stage».

«KAZLOGISTICS» representatives became interested in methods and experience of ICCA of e-freight implementation in Russia. In this connection «KAZLOGISTICS» and ICCA signed the Memorandum of cooperation for air cargo development. Key direction of this cooperation is e-freight implementation in Kazakhstan Republic on the base of Russian experience. In the whole this cooperation will approach the global goal as united air transport corridor “East-West” and increasing the air freight traffic flow via airports of Kazakhstan and Russia. This goal is based on the united regulations in air transportations.