On the 30th of October in Moscow, at the Chamber of Commerce of Russia was held the III International AirCargoForum-2012 - the central event in Russian air cargo market

It is the third year that ICCA organizes an annual day of air cargo in Moscow – International Forum on air cargo transportation AirCargoForum, which has become a tradition for market participants. AirCargoForum-2012 was dedicated to the new possibilities of integration of Russia into the international transport and logistics system in connection with the entry into the WTO.

AirCargoForum-2012 was held with the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Chamber of Commerce in Russia, organizer of the forum was LLC "Innovation Center of Civil Aviation." The Partners of AirCargoForum-2012 were: the Volga-Dnepr" Group, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Tolmachevo Airport, logistics companies ATC Air Service Ltd and Trans Sib Air Service GmbH., which perform the transmission of cargo between Europe and Asia via Russia.

The speakers were: Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Valery Okulov, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kurochkin, representatives of the FCS of Russia and the Federal Tax Service of Russia. There were speeches of leading cargo carriers in Russia, working in the global market - "AirBridgeCargo" and "Aeroflot".

For the first time were presented a unique and fundamental business case e-Freight implementation in the airline Cathay Pacific (which the first in the world has implemented the standard e-Freight), published by IATA as a fundamental. For the first time in Russia were presented business cases of the cargo business development in such airports as Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Frankfurt-Hahn, for which the participation in AirCargoForum-2012 was the first performance in Russia. (Today it is the second airport in Germany in the amount of cargo traffic to / through the Russian Federation – “air gateway” to Russia for European goods).

The first panel was concluded with the speech of a representative of the Russian region and the Ulyanovsk Airport, which actively develops the aviation business and which strategy is based on the international experience of the development of air transportation and the success stories of the largest airports in the world.

III International AirCargoForum-2012 became the most eventful and informative for the past three years.  , not only in terms of the reports of representatives of federal executive authorities of the Russian Federation, but also in terms of materials provided by the international air cargo community.

For the first time the leaders of the global air cargo market - Airlines, airports, freight terminals, the developers of IT-systems - gathered in Moscow as such a representative membership and shared their unique practical experience and provided for the participants of the AirCargoForum-2012 unprecedented materials for the further study.

Presentations were made by representatives of leading international industry organizations: IATA Director of air cargo industry Glyn Hughes, General Secretary of TIACA Daniel Fernandez.

IATA Head of e-Business management Guillaume Drucy, who held a workshop on e-Cargo including the introduction of an electronic e-AWB and electronic contract EDI-agreement.

Representatives of the world's leading companies and CHAMP CargoSystems GLS HK shared practical developments and prospective IT-solutions in the field of implementation of standards and technologies of e-Cargo.

Presentation of the International Airport Novosibirsk, which is a participant of a pilot project of e-Freight implementation in Russia, sounded as a good example of the prospective development of air cargo business in the Russian regions. There were also indicated the problems, which solutions will allow for the Russian airports to grow and develop more rapidly.

Dr. Rano Dzhuraeva, the president of the Innovation Center of Civil Aviation and Chairman the Organizing Committee of AirCargoForum in Russia:

"With our work we strive to bring the world's best practices and the world's top experts to the Russian market. And we are honored that the III International AirCargoForum-2012 in Moscow was attended by representatives of key international industry organizations, airports and airlines - the world leaders in air-cargo market ".

Dmitry Kurochkin, Vice president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation:

"Russia's accession to WTO for civil aviation means, above all, involvement in global competition, which from the point of view of the state means the liberalization of air transport, and is expressed in the provision of free access to the market, the abolition of restrictions for foreign carriers. Air cargo transportation more than other types of transportation is involved in the system of global economic relations, that’s why from this segment it is reasonable to begin the first steps aimed at the development of competition. The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation is an active participant of the process of execution of documents on foreign trade activities and, in particular, controls over the issuance of Certificates of origin for goods. Thereby the Chamber of Commerce is implementing the transition to the use of electronic certificates of origin in electronic customs declaration - which will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the Russian transportation services in the world markets. "

The key concept of the annual forum, which was dedicated to air cargo transportation, is the continuity of development in this industry and the implementation of the innovations with the joint participation of the Government and Market players. As a result, at the end of AirCargoForum-2010 a resolution on the necessity of implementation in the Russian Federation of the international standard of electronic processing of air cargo (e-Freight) was adopted. AirCargoForum-2011 was dedicated to the concept of air cargo development in Russia up to 2020, according to the schedule of implementation of the e-Freight standard.

Within the framework AirCargoForum-2012 were presented practical steps by the federal executive authorities and the companies - participants of the pilot project of e-Freight implementation, which were made in 2012 to accelerate the transition to an interagency electronic clearance and maintenance of air cargo.

AirCargoForum-2012 ended with the excursion and gala reception at the State Historical Museum on the Red Square.

AGENDA was performed in full (except of one report, which presentation also will be published)

PRESENTATIONS of AirCargoForum-2012

PHOTOGALLERY of AirCargoForum-2012

Experts of the ICCA are currently in the processing and analyze the speeches, which were made in the framework of the forum. Analysis on the results of III International AirCargoForum-2012 will be published later.

Sincerely, Organizing Committee of the III International AirCargoForum-2012