TIACA 2012 Executive Summit and Annual General Meeting

ICCA actively supported the arrangement of The International Air Cargo Association’s (TIACA) Executive Summit and Annual General Meeting that took place in Renaissance Hotel on 23-24 May, 2012 in Moscow, Russia. The Volga-Dnepr Group – our strategic and long term client - hosted the event. ICCA as an expert company that provides air cargo development solutions in Russia appreciated by the Ministry of Transport supported TIACA's Summit with reports and arrangement.


Delegates all over the world were listening and discussing the on-going problems and obstacles as well as useful initiatives on the way of air cargo business like the following:

- security problems and the intelligent IT-solutions for early determination of the dangerous goods and unreliable sender;

- e-Freight as a way to speed up the air cargo shipment;

- the ways to improve the information quality in electronic communications between the businesses involved or attached to air carriage;

- an overview and prognosis of the freighter capacities in the nearest future from the industry leader the Boeing;

Amongst others, the one of the most interesting and new discussion during the AGM was devoted to the topic “Doing Business in Russia”, which was mainly supported by ICCA. ICCA devotes a major part of its developments and expert advises to the Air Cargo business support through the promotion of the air freedoms, the encouraging Russian and foreign air carriers to use the territory potential, the thoughtful and balanced solutions to reduce the financial burden on industry players (airports, infrastructure operators, and airlines). The major part of our developments and proposals are highly appreciated and supported by the Ministry of Transport. Here, during the conference, the board of panelists and the speakers shared their views on the place, the potential, and the objectives of Russia in the air cargo market.

The presentation of the Deputy Minister of Transport Mr. Valery Okulov was devoted to the initiatives to improve the environment for air cargo business in Russia. His report during this event was a political statement that Russia wants to improve the business environment, Russia wants to encourage internal and to attract international flights to Russia’s territory.

Valery Okulov: presentation for welcome speech

The presentation of the Deputy Head of the Main Division for Customs Clearance Procedures and Customs Control on the Check Points of the Federal Customs Service Mrs. Larisa Korshunova was stating that FCS consequently implements e-customs to reduce the timing for the customs procedures. In particular, her report underlined the importance of the role of customs in the E-Freight standard implementation for air cargo in Russia and the willingness to meet the business expectations from electronic messages exchange. The e-Freight implementation is coordinated by ICCA as not the business-to-business standard but the standard that needs to be accepted by the government and its fiscal control bodies, therefore, besides the Federal Customs Service E-Freight project includes also the Federal Tax Service, the Federal Security Service, the Agriculture Agency, the Consumer Protection Agency, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Communication, and the Ministry of Finance.

The President of ICCA Mrs. Rano Dzhuraeva says:

“TIACA’s event is very important for our country. It was a good chance to talk with international business about Russia as a market, discuss all the problems in introducing this market to business like the language obstacles, air restrictions and others, and it was a chance to make a welcoming step towards the global air cargo business and show the desire and the trend to improve the business climate. I would like to express my respect to the work that was done by TIACA conference committee, TIACA management, and by the Volga-Dnepr Group as a hosting company for this outstanding event.