Welcome to III International AirCargoForum-2012 in Moscow!

October 30, 2012, 

Moscow, Russian Federation

Address: 6, Ilyinka Street, Chamber of Commerce and Trade of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation









The development of air cargo is an important economic indicator of national development.

International AirCargoForum is a key event for the freight market participants operating in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The III International AirCargoForum-2012 will be held with the support from the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

This forum was initiated as a permanent platform to solve the problems of the aviation cargo industry with the joint participation of government and business in order to realize the transit potential of the Russian Federation due to the problem set by the President of Russia to improve the position of the Russian Federation in the World Bank's rating based on business conditions.

Previous AirCargoForum-2010 and AirCargoForum-2011 were held by the Ministry of Transport in the framework of the Transport Week Events. On AirCargoForum-2010 participants adopted a Resolution implementing IATA standard e-Freight. AirCargoForum-2011 was devoted to the concept of air cargo in Russia until 2020, as well as plan-schedule of implementing the standard e-Freight. As part of AirCargoForum-2012 will be discussed the most key issues of air cargo and the first results of implementing the standard e-Freight in the Russian Federation.

Within the framework  of the AirCargoForum-2012 will be discussed the challenges and prospects of Russia's integration into the international aviation logistics within Russia's accession to the WTO. Also, we will focus on the necessary solutions on the part of Executive power bodies to implement international standards for the electronic processing and tracking of shipments (e-Cargo).

Invited representatives of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transport of  the Russian Federation, Aviation Authorities of the Russian Federation, Federal Customs Service of Russia, the Federal Tax Service of Russia, IATA, TIACA, participants of the air cargo market. Also, there will be presented the business cases for the development of cargo business at Airports in Asia and the Middle East and the implementation of e-Freight in the airlines.


Organising Committee

Innovation Center of Civil Aviation (ICCA)

General Coordinator: Rusakova Natalia

Tel.: + 7 495 612 47 96, E-mail: c-ca@c-ca.ru



Our photographers:

Vladimir Osichenko

Tatiana Isakova