Innovation Centre of civil aviation (ICCA) is a consulting company that renders services for aviation industry players.

Our Mission

We believe innovations will cut expenses and increase income of aviation industry players, so we deliver innovations.

Dr. Rano Dzhuraeva, President of ICCA:

«Russian civil aviation development and integration into the global transport system today is dragged on by the problems inherited from the past. Unresolved problems and absence of market regulation of the industry leads to growth of carriage tariffs and prices to passengers, national airlines cannot attract flights and increase operations from the local and global markets. ICCA aspires to give a new impulse for improvement of the industry, our ideas and research for the innovative technologies and progressive foreign practices can awake national civil aviation to the benefit of the state, private industry players, and passengers».


Research programs of ICCA:

  1. The effective use of the air transit potential of Russia
  2. Cost cutting suggestions to aviation enterprises
  3. Air cargo transportations development
  4. Regional and intra-regional air transportation development
  5. Civil aircraft continuing airworthiness systems and infrastructure improvement  
  6. Industry law improvement suggestions
  7. E-Freight IATA standard implementation: ICCA is an official e-Freight Implementation Coordinator